Subscription & Add-ons Management
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Subscription Management

After creating your account and workspace(s), you must choose the correct plan that suits your business needs.

First visit the settings page (, and click on [Subscription Management] under Billing & Subscriptions.

After that click on [Activate Subscription]. ( the free plan will be chosen automatically )

The free plan does not require any credit card information and is free for life. It includes 150 monthly shipped orders and you will have to pay $0.25 per any additional order.

Breakdown of plans: ( all plans include all features)








$168 / month

$448 / month

$1,008 / month

$1,792 / moth

Custom price

150 monthly shipped orders

1,500 monthly shipped orders

6,000 monthly shipped orders

18,000 monthly shipped orders

36,000 monthly shipped orders


$0.25 per extra order

$0.1 per extra order

$0.1 per extra order

$0.1 per extra order

$0.1 per extra order


* prices are for annual subscription (20% discount applied)

To upgrade from the Free plan click on [Upgrade] and then choose the right plan for you.

Provide us with your payment details and click on [Subscribe Now].

You can upgrade your subscription at any time and only pay the difference.

You can also cancel your subscription, so when the next billing cycle comes you won't have to pay us anything and the system will be locked.

Managing Add Ons

At this stage FleetRunnr offers two add-ons detailed below. ( keep an eye for new and exciting add-ons ).

Depending on your business type you can activate and deactivate add-ons from the Subscription Management section under Settings.

To do so, first visit the Subscription Management Page ( ) and click on [Manage Add Ons]. (Add-ons or only available for plans larger than the Free).

After that, the list of available add-ons show on the sidebar and you can activate or deactivate them based on your needs.

List of current add-ons:


Unlimited Messages

This feature is for logistic companies who deliver orders on behalf of merchants. ( businesses or individuals place orders on carrier's portals for them to perform pickups, transfers and deliveries ).

This feature unlocks unlimited SMS messages to be sent out for delivery updates, tracking and return waybill printing purposes.

For pricing check out

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