Creating an Account
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To create your FleetRunnr account, visit our website ( ) and on the top right of the page click on [Get Started]. ( you can also register via this link

Step 1

Specify on the register page, the required fields ( name, email, and password ) then click [Create Account]. Do not forget to review our Terms and Privacy Policy before creating an account.

Step 2

FleetRunnr will send you an email with a verification code.

Copy the code from the email and input it in the field shown below, and then click on [Continue].

Step 3

Create your first workspace by clicking on the [Create a new workspace] button, and proceed by inputting the organization name, and country of residence. ( Note that FleetRunnr supports operations in multiple countries, you can manage this from the settings page under [Accounts & Preferences], )

After you added the correct information, click on [Create Workspace].

Note that FleetRunnr allows you to create multiple workspaces, in the case where you are managing deliveries for two separate business entities or you are managing operations in another country.

It is very easy to toggle between workspaces, to do so click on the workspace name located on the top left corner of every page.

After that the list of available workspaces would pop up, simply click on the workspace you want to be directed to.

To create a new workspace, visit the Profile section, and on the bottom of the page click on [Create a Workspace].

Also, upon signing in, FleetRunnr will ask you to either choose an existing workspace or create a new one.

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