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Agent Payouts and Custom Transactions
Agent Payouts and Custom Transactions
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FleetRunnr gives you access to record your business and financial transactions plus keep track of your operations.

Accounting Outline:

  • Agent Billing

  • Order Collections

  • Merchant Billing

To access your Agent Billing, Order Collections and Merchant Billing, first visit the accounting page ( ).

Agent Billing

Managing and accessing the full amount of payment that should be transferred to your agent based on his working days, hours or stops.

Type of transactions:

  • Payout (Flat): A flat rate paid out to your driver daily, given a check in has been made.

  • Payout (per Stop): A fee paid out to your driver every time a stop is completed ( a shipment has 2 stops, pickup and delivery)

  • Payout (per Hour): An hourly rate paid out to your driver based on time checked in/out.

  • Custom: A customized amount that can be added by creating a new transaction in order to modify the balance of your agent.

You may modify the payouts by accessing the settings page —> Agents —> Manage Payout.

To manage your Agent Billing transactions, first click on [Pending] to either search for the agent in the search tab or to create a custom transaction by clicking on [Create Transaction].

You may add or deduct an amount from the agent’s balance by selecting the agent, specifying the correct amount, choosing the payment method and adding a description if any. (these transactions could be bonuses or penalties applied to the driver payout)

Then, click on [Create].

To check the transactions of each agent, you have to click on the agent name and you will get redirected to all the transactions relative to the selected agent.

You may filter by date, type and currency.

Void Transactions: To cancel a transaction and it won’t appear on the agent’s billing statement.

To Void any transaction, click on the three points on the right side of the screen.

Then, click on [Void Transaction] to specify the reason and confirm it.

Generate receipt: To create an official record with the value of transactions that will be transferred to the agent.

To generate a receipt for the agent, select the transactions and click on [Generate Receipt].

To check the receipts already generated, click on [Receipts] and you may filter by Agent name or search by receipt number.

By clicking on the receipt number, you may check all the transactions generated under this receipt.

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