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Members, Locations Management, and Account & Preferences
Members, Locations Management, and Account & Preferences
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Fleetrunnr gives you access to manage your organization's Members, Locations, Account & Preferences by visiting the settings page (


First click on [Members] to access the members page.

Members are teammates within your organization, they could be dispatchers, managers, customer service representatives, accounting, etc.

To add new members, click on [Invite member] on the top right corner.

Add the member’s email address, then select the access that can be provided for this member (Full access/Limited access).

After that, click on [Invite] and Fleetrunnr will send an email to the member to either Log In (if he/she has an existing FleetRunnr account) or Sign Up (if he/she is a new user and does not have an existing account).

You will have the option to Edit permissions, Deactivate and Remove any member at any time.

Locations Management

Click on [Locations Management] in the settings page to add a new location and manage its coverage.

Locations can be Warehouses, Hubs, Terminals, Sorting Facilities, etc

Step 1

To add a location, click on [New location] on the top right corner in the Locations Management page.

You have to fill all the required fields:

  • Location name

  • Address line 1

  • Address line 2 (optional)

  • City

  • State / Region

  • Country

  • ZIP / Postal code (optional)

  • Location functions (optional):





Some of your warehouses/hubs may have restrictions to what functions they can perform, for example warehouse A may process returns, while warehouse B does not. By applying these functions, you can automate the creation of shipments from orders and automatically assign them to your agents.

Then, you may also refine the location on the map after you’re done.

After that, click on [Save].

Step 2

To manage the coverage of the location added, first click on [Manage Coverage] on the top right corner in the Locations Management page.

Next, click on [Add Coverage] and drag on the map to select the area covered by this location.

You may edit the coverage area at any time.

Coverage area sets the geographic boundaries of a location for receiving or sending out shipments.

For example you have a standard order going from point A to B, point A falls within the coverage area of a certain Location X, so a pickup shipment will be created from Point A to Location X.

Step 3

Go back to the Locations Management page and click on [Assign member] to specify which members have access to the data in this location.

By assigning members to locations, they will be restricted to only view the inbound and outbound orders of that location.

You may edit or remove this location at any time.

Accounts & Preferences

Click on [Accounts & Preferences] in the settings page to manage your workspace information and to customize your account to your own preference.

Workspace information

Add below information and then click on [Save]

  • Workspace icon: Logo of your workspace that will be reflected on your portal, waybills, and merchant accounts.

  • Organization name: Name of your organization that will appear on your portal, waybills, and merchant accounts.

  • Working URL: Your workspace URL link.


Add below preferences and then click on [Save]

  • Supported currencies: Select the currencies used in your workspace. (FleetRunnr allows for multiple currency accounting )

  • Default currency: Choose the currency you need to be set as default. (Usually billing currency)

  • Operating countries: The country of operation of your organization. (FleetRunnr allows you to manage operations in multiple countries)

  • Measurement system: Measuring units used in your country (imperial or metric)

  • Timezone: The timezone supported by your country of operation.

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