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Driver and Route Tracking
Driver and Route Tracking
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Navigating the Routes Page in FleetRunnr

The routes page in FleetRunnr is a crucial tool for tracking your agents and monitoring their assigned routes on a map and gantt view. This page becomes populated once you assign shipments to your drivers.

Understanding Routes

A route comprises a group of stops, each categorized as either a pickup or delivery, with each stop having a dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Accessing the Routes Page

To access the routes page, follow these steps:

1. Visit the FleetRunnr portal.

2. Navigate to the Routes page.

Driver Tracking

On the routes page, you can track your drivers using the following features:

1. Default Tracking: By default, all active and idle drivers are tracked on the map. You can customize which drivers are visible by selecting, searching, or using filters.

2. Driver Information: Next to each agent, you can view their battery level, speed, connectivity status, vehicle type, and the progress of completed versus remaining stops.

Route Tracking Options

You have two options for tracking routes:

1. Map View: To view the driver or drivers' routes on the map, simply select the appropriate agents.

2. Gantt Chart View: Click on the "Show Route" button to switch to the Gantt chart view for a detailed visual representation of the routes.

By leveraging these tracking and visualization tools on the routes page, you can effectively monitor your agents' progress and ensure efficient route management.

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