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Driver and Route Tracking
Driver and Route Tracking
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The routes page is used to track your agents and their assigned routes on a map view.

(the routes page becomes populated after you assign shipments to your drivers)

A route consists of a group of stops either of type pickup, or delivery each having a dynamic ETA.

To visit the routes page, first visit the FleetRunnr portal and navigate to the [Routes] section.

Once you arrive at the page, check some quick stats regarding routes, stops and packages that are currently live on your system.

While hovering your mouse over the progress bar of an agent with an active route, you can also check more details regarding a selected route.

Route Stats




Sum of total active routes


Sum of routes that have not started ( no stops have been attempted or completed yet).

In progress

Sum of routes that have commenced ( at least one stop has been completed or attempted)

At risk

Sum of routes where the new estimated completion time exceeds the planned time.

Late start

Sum of routes where the first stop attempted or completed exceeds the planned start time.

Stops Stats




Sum of total active stops ( completed + pending + attempted )


Sum of remaining stops that have not yet been completed or attempted


Sum of completed stops ( picked up or delivered successfully)


Sum of stops that failed ( you can trigger a return or re-attempt)

Packages Stats




Sum of packages that have not yet been picked up.

On hand

Sum of packages that have been picked up and not yet delivered ( in transit )


Sum of packages that have been dropped off successfully


Sum of packages that are missing ( they could have gone missing before pickup, while in transit, or upon dropoff)

You can view the agent's route in 2 ways, depending on whether you want to see a single route or a group of routes simultaneously.

To view a single route, click on the arrow sign next to the agent that has an active route, the sidebar changes showing the detailed breakdown of stops along with their ETAs.

To view multiple routes simultaneously, click on the button that says [Show route], next to the agents that have an active route.

Finally, to filter which agents’ positions you want visible on the map, click on the eye button available at the start of the row.

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