Shipment Types & Filters
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Shipment types

What are shipments and what are the different types?

A shipment, simply put, is a collection of orders having the same pickup and drop-off address.

Imagine you have a pick up of 30 orders from a merchant all going to the same sorting facility, then FleetRunnr will group all 30 orders into 1 shipment for easier dispatching, action taking and tracking purposes.

There are 4 different types of shipments:

  1. Pickups

  2. Transfers

  3. Deliveries

  4. Return

Pickups: shipments originating from a merchant location, with a destination address being one of your warehouses/hubs or sorting facilities. ( First mile )

Transfers: shipments originating from one of your warehouses/hubs and transferred to another warehouse/hub or terminal. ( Middle mile )

Deliveries: shipments originating from either a merchant location or a warehouse, with the customer address being the final destination. ( Last mile )

Returns: shipments originating from a customer location and returning to the origin location.

Shipment Filters

To access the shipment filters, first visit the shipments page ( and click on the [Filter] button on the top right corner.


  • Status (described below)

  • Agents: drivers assigned to shipments

  • Merchants: clients placing orders on your portal for delivery requirements

  • Source and Destination Locations: choose between your own locations or merchant locations.

  • Date: Filter by creation and delivery dates

Shipment Status



Newly created shipments with no action being taken yet


Shipments that you want the routing engine to consider for planning and assignment purposes


Shipments that have been assigned to an agent

Picked Up

Shipments that have been picked up and on the way the destination address


Shipments that have been successfully dropped off

Completed (Received)

Shipments that have been dropped off at a warehouse/ hub and received by a warehouse manager


Shipments that failed and could not be dropped off

Failed (Received)

Failed shipments that have been received at the warehouse (either through the portal action or via the app used by warehouse operators).

After Shipments have been received, and based on the type of Failure (attempt or RTO) then you will be able to recreate them


Shipments that have been canceled which means you can create another shipment with that order. (shipments can only be cancelled if they are in the Pending, or Planned state)

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