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Order Actions
Ship Orders, Unassign Carrier, Generate Labels, Cancel and Edit
Ship Orders, Unassign Carrier, Generate Labels, Cancel and Edit
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Order Actions

What actions can be taken from the orders page you ask?

Actions on FleetRunnr are divided between orders, shipments, and routes pages to keep things less cluttered and simple.

Actions that can taken on orders:

  • Ship Orders

  • Unassign Carrier

  • Generate Labels

  • Cancel

  • Edit

Ship orders:

To ship orders means that you are assigning them a carrier and a shipping method, after that the carrier is notified and the delivery process can start.

Note that if merchants are placing orders to your portal, they will set both the carrier (you) and the shipping method so no need to do this yourself. ( you have the option to change the carrier, in case you outsource a portion of your orders to different carriers)

To ship orders, simply select the orders from the orders page and an action bar appears on the portal.

Click on [Ship Orders], then choose the carrier and shipping method.

Once you ship the orders ( carrier and shipping method assigned ), the state of the order changes from New to Ready.

Unassign carrier

Simple tool to un-assign existing carriers from orders, in the case where you decide to change the responsible carrier.

To do so, visit the orders page, and select the orders you want to unassign the carrier from. After that, click on [Unassign Carrier] and confirm your request.

All selected orders with the appropriate criteria will have the carriers unassigned, allowing you to assign yourself or another party.

Generate Labels

Waybills are slips attached to packages that provide the basic details of the shipment such as sender and receiver information, package count, and a unique barcode..

Drivers and warehouse users can use the mobile app to scan barcodes and perform actions on orders such as picked up, delivered, received at warehouse, etc

To generate labels, visit the orders page and select the orders you want to generate a label from. After that, click on [Generate Labels] and choose the desired label size ( you can manage the different sizes and set a default in the settings page

Print these labels and attach them to packages for quick actions and package monitoring.

Below is an example of a generated waybill:


You can cancel an order if a delivery is no longer required and the order has not yet been picked up. If the order has already been picked, then a return should be initiated.

To cancel an order, first visit the orders page and select the ones you want to cancel. After that on the actions bar click on [Cancel], and specify a reason . (The reason can be visible on the single order page in the timeline section).


To edit an order you must visit the single order page which provides all details of an order and the timeline of events.

To access the single order page, click on any order in the orders page and you will be automatically redirected. Not all fields are editable, you can only change the delivery address, contact information and time windows.

In case you need to change other information, simply cancel the order and add a new one with the correct information.

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