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Filters, Sorting and Custom Views
Filters, Sorting and Custom Views
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Filters, Sorting and creating custom views

FleetRunnr provides the tools you need to visualize the orders in the way you want, based on filters, sorting and custom views.


To access the filters, click on the [Filters] button on the top right corner of the page.

FleetRunnr filters consist of:

Order Status fields:




Orders in the new state indicate that neither a carrier nor a shipping method has been assigned to them.

FleetRunnr allows orders to be assigned to multiple carriers, in case you collaborate with others.


Orders in the ready state means that both a carrier and shipping method has been assigned, and the carrier can initiate the delivery process.


Orders in the dispatched state means that shipments have been created for these orders.


Orders in the shipped state means that the driver picked them up and they are on the way to the warehouse/hub.

In transit

Orders in the in transit state means that the driver picked them up and they are on the way to a different warehouse/hub. ( transfers occur to move orders closer to the customers’ addresses )

Out for Delivery

Orders in the out for delivery state means that the driver picked them and they are on the way to the customer. ( end location )


Orders in the delivered state means that they have been successfully delivered.

This is where POD becomes visible either as a signature, photo or both.

Delivery Attempted

Orders in the attempted state means that the delivery was a failure.

Failed orders can either be re-attempted or a return can be initiated.


Orders in the canceled state means that no delivery is required anymore.

Canceling an order can only happen before the order is dispatched i.e assigned to a driver.


Orders in the closed state means that all COD, revenues and expenses have been successfully collected, and/or paid.

Dispatched for Return

Orders in the dispatched for return state means that a return has been initiated for an order and it has been added to a shipment.

Return in Progress

Orders in return in progress state means that they have been picked up, and they are on the way back to a closer warehouse/hub or to the origin address.

Return Completed

Orders in the return completed state indicate that the return process has been successful.

Return Attempted

Orders in the return attempted state means that the return failed and a re-attempt must occur.


Sorting columns

To edit what columns you want to see in the orders page, first click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the orders page. After that, click on [Edit table columns], you will be redirected to the appropriate page.

You can choose a maximum of 8 columns to display, you may also reorder the columns the way you want.

Sorting orders

You can sort orders by creation date. To do so, first visit the orders page and on the top right corner click on [Sort] and then choose either to see the newest or oldest orders first.

Creating custom views

A view is basically a set of filters that you can save either for yourself as a user or for your entire workspace.

These views give you and your team the flexibility to create different sections based on your operational requirements.

To create a custom view, first start adding the filters you want and then on the top right corner click the three vertical dots, and then click [Save view]. This will open a page for you to add a name and choose whether this view is private or applies to the entire workspace.

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